Value for Money

You pay the price of five feet to five-star service. Unit and the service we provide will exceed all your expectations, because your satisfaction is number one!

Save Time and Labor

Your message, Our car between your home and we pick back. Car delivery 2 hours prior to the application and invited 2 hours after application - at no extra cost.

Routine maintenance

All of our unit were treated at regular intervals to ensure your comfort. That is, all facilities in the car will function properly. Anda tinggal menggunakan saja 🙂

Your Special

Every customer is special and we will serve you wholeheartedly. Whatever you need rental car widths, travel out of town, or whatever, We are always ready for you.

About Us

Providers of transportation services in Yogyakarta Tourism, that offer tour packages, Daily car rental packages, weekly and monthly. Do not hesitate to place an order. We are online 24 jam, either through telephone or SMS. :)

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The service is good and very fast response. I dah nyesel not pake services agan this one for a family vacation..
Windy Noviyanti (Sidoarjo)
I'm Dani from Magelang.. Thank om holiday fun.. Best of luck always.. The service is really friendly.. :)
Dani Pramudyo (Magelang)
Really fit our vacation ... low price, but steady quality!! yahoo mail aktifin continue, next time let me pesennya easy..
Rifki Budiarto (Only)