Candi Gedong Songo

Percandian gedong songo terletakl di kaki gunung ungaran, kira- kira diketinggian 1200- 1300 m diatas permukaan laut. Secara administrative candi gedong songo terletak di desa candi, kecamatan ambarawa kabupaten semarang.adapun secara astronomis terletak pada 110 ‘ 14’ 18’ BT dan 7’ 12’ 16 LS.

Percandian gedong songo merupakan kompleks candi yang terdiri dari sembilan kelompok candi. Seluruh bangunan percandian gedong songo dibuat dari batuan andasit. komplek candi ini pada awalnya disebut candi “gedong pitoe” karena pada waktu itu ditemukan oleh Rafles hanya terdiri dari tujuh kelopok bangunan candi. Namun selanjutnya ditemukan dua kelompok candi sehingga dinamakan candi gedong songo . kata gedong ( jawa ) berarti bangunan songo berarti 9 jadi candi gedong songo adalah sembilan candi.meskipun menurut nama yang diberikan sembilan kelompok candi, maka saat ini hanya terdapat lima kelompok candi yang masih utuh.sedangkan keemopat candi lainnya sudah runtuh dan hanya tinggal pondasi atau dasarnya saja.

Kelima kelompok candi tersebut letaknya berpencar, gedong I started from the temple which is located at the bottom up to the temple located gedong V top. The fifth building of the temple was restored by the Department of Antiquities.

Candi Gedong Gedong I and II have been refurbished in 1928 -1929 and 1930 –1931, while building the third temple, IV and V year 1977 –1983 .

Enshrinement enshrinement Gedong Songo is patterned group of Hindu religion. This can be ascertained by statues and reliefs that occupy niches -relung temple building. Seperti Arcata superb Mahadewa , The male mahaguru, ganeca ,durga mahisasuramardhini, nadiswara and Mahakala and Yoni found on a monument building candi.keistimewaan of Songo are statues of elephants in a squatting position ( njerum :jw ) at the foot of the temple building III, and yoni in a rectangular shape which is available in a temple building I.

Regarding the establishment of Songo temple building is not certain , but of the art form of building experts interpret pendirina Gedong Songo temple almost in time with the enshrinement Dieng which is considered the oldest Hindu temple in Central Java. Thus Gedong Songo temple made within -IX VII century AD.

On this occasion I try hiking to the mountain of the most crowded and frequented by young teenagers around Semarang and Ambarawa, just recreation, camping and summit to the mountain top ungaran.gue own choosing for hiking because of limited equipment was not taken because just happened to stop by this mountain, Here a lot of uniqueness. And this is where I start trying to exploit what is the phenomenon of Mount Ungaran itself, This mountain is said many save a lot of stories related to the Mahabharata in puppetry.

Mountains of the most strategic and easily accessible making this mountain is always crowded on holidays singgahi each end of the semester or Feasts. Kesejukan, rose plantations and dense forests dominate the region, and there are several kinds of rare animals.

To access the Gedong Songo temple site is very easy, of Ambarawa only about 15 km that is westward past the attractions Bandungan.

From the terminal Semarang small bus ride majors Bandungan / Gedong Songo. From the bus ride majors Semarang joyjakarta down in Ambarawa. Spliced ​​with ride public transportation to Bandungan / Gedong Songo,id.