Bukit Bintang Jogja

Hargodumilah, or often referred to as “Bukit Bintang”, is a place where lay Djogja city and its surroundings from here. Exoticism that was on the sidelines of the trip will force everyone to pause, enjoy wide eyes looking.

At the time of the day, where the sun still faithfully watching the earth Gunungkidul, Mount Merapi,Merbabu, Mount Sindoro and chippy upright showcase the beauty in the distance there. And will not disappoint while visiting Hargodumilah at twilight greeting. Sunset over the city Djogja smile animate the soul. The beauty of the sun's relentless though no longer on the air as the twinkling city of Yogyakarta came to replace the twilight fall asleep at dusk.

Hargodumilah hill is one of the charms Gunungkidul the serious attention of the government. Hill roads in the parking lot was expanded as the visitors who want to explore the beauty of the hills bordering the district Bantul. For visitors, do not worry because it does not bring lunch, because the region already lined Hargodumilah ranging from small shops to the restaurant with a romantic feel that providing your culinary needs.

Hargodumilah, place for those of you who want to take a moment load after a day of activities. A place that will re-invigorate the soul and the heart. For those coming from outside Gunungkidul,