Cave Clark


Cave Clark,, is one of the caves are located in the hamlet Blimbing, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Clark caves located not far from the cave Ponjong. The cave is commonly called vertical caves. Shape as well and narrow hole, commonly called the "den". Perhaps because it is similar to the furnace (Javanese term, usually used as a cooking, made from ground lengthwise and this part is very narrow front). If you want to enter this cave typically use techniques SRT (Single Rope Technic).

Caves Clark pick a depth of approximately 18 meter. This cave has 2 (two) cave-shaped wells with spacing between wells around 8 meter. The first mouth is about 1,5 m X 0,8 m (12 m2), while the second one is more narrow mouth (approximately less than half the size of the mouth of the first). Both mouth is formed from the ruins of the cave roof