Sri Getuk Air Terjun

Waterfalls of Sri Gethuk name. This waterfall is quite exquisite seen, has a beautiful atmosphere that will surely refresh the mind.

Located in Padukuhan Menggoran, This tourist spot close to other tourist sites, Plans Cave ie Kencono. This waterfall has a height of about 80 meters and is located right on the banks of the River Oyo. This waterfall is never dry, therefore always be the object of an interesting photo.

Sri Gethuk have another name Waterfalls Slempret. The uniqueness of this waterfall since branched in two slits cliffs and emerge from between the cliffs' karst,id’ arid. There are three springs that burst around the falls Sri Gethuk, ie springs Dung Poh, Ngandong and Ngumbul with average water debit 30 sempai with 60 liters per detik.

The waterfall is named after Sri Sri Gethuk or Tap because according to local belief in the past, often heard the sound of gamelan, believed to belong to the King of Jin Slempret named Anga Mendura. According to local myth, existence of this waterfall is a market location jin.

On certain nights, society often heard sounds like trumpet of direction falls. But if the sound source is approached, sound is heard it will disappear. Therefore, local people call Waterfall Slempret.

Due to exceptional pontensinya, Sri Gethuk will be developed as a tourist attraction that includes an integrated Design Kencana Goa, Waterfalls of Sri Gethuk, archaeological sites, pemacingan and camp ground in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOrchard Menggoran, Bleberan village managed by the village community or your Site