Air Terjun Tawangmangu Jogja

Tawangmangu is a district in Regency Raquel, Central Java. This district is famous as a tourist area that is very cool.

Tawangmangu known as a tourist attraction in the mountains of the western slope of Mount Lawu which can be reached by land vehicles for about an hour from the city of Surakarta (Only). This place since the Dutch colonial period has been the scene tour. Object is a major tourist destination waterfall Grojogan Sewu (height 81 m). At this resort are various tourist supporting facilities such as swimming pools and various forms of accommodation. Of Tawangmangu can begin the climb to the summit of Mount Lawu (Pos Cemorokandang). Moreover, from here there are roads leading to the wells penetrating Sarangan in Magetan late Cemorosewu.

Tawangmangu at arel mountains surrounded by lush forest and hills. However, this small town has been known up to foreign countries as the region is tourism that is suitable for an option while on vacation or travel berdarma.

In addition to the cool air, surrounding natural beauty is not less interesting to other areas in Indonesia, moreover, this area is famous for producing the agricultural production of vegetables in addition to being a tourist attraction Niagara Grojokan Sewu. Tawangmangu itself has become the choice for urban people to build the villas, and invest in setting up hotels & lodging.

To support easy access to this area, government has sought to improve transport links with road maintenance and construction of new roads across the province of its own Tawangmangu in Central Java, East Java in the direction Magetan. And until the time of the development process is still ongoing road through the hills and crossed in the middle of a lush agricultural land with beautiful views of the left and right along the new road. In addition to road construction, Rebuilding the government has also undertaken a total market Tawangmangu which had been a traditional market of slums, now has a magnificent building Tourism Market, This market is expected to rehabilitate the tourists who come to Tawangmangu can easily and freely to buy all kinds of souvenirs, and produce a more comfortable. Therefore do not miss your chance to visit Tawangmangu. There are several locations that often become the location of domestic and foreign tourist destination, both in the District of Tawangmangu themselves or other areas that are close can be accessed from Tawangmangu, that is :

  • Grojogan Sewu
  • Waterfall Pringgodani
  • Peak Lawu
  • Ornamental Plants Sentra (Desa Nglurah)
  • Caravan
  • Flying Fox