Telaga Sarangan Jogja

Sarangan also known as sand lake is a natural lake located at the foot of Mount Lawu, at District Plaosan, Magetan, East Java. Located about 16 kilometers west of the city of Magetan. This lake covers about 30 hectares and depths 28 meter. With the air temperature between 18 to 25 derajat Celsius, Sarangan able to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Sarangan a mainstay attractions Magetan. Around the lake there are two star hotel, 43 jasmine-class hotel, and 18 wisata.Di cottage next to dozens of souvenir stalls, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Sarangan by riding around the lake, or cann cepat.Fasilitas other attractions is also available, eg restaurant, playground, tourism market, parking lot, public telephone facilities, places of worship, and garden.

Existence 19 eating houses around the lake makes the visitors have many alternative options menu. Similarly, the presence of street vendors offering souvenirs have provide convenience to visitors to buy souvenirs. Dijajakan typical dishes on the well is satay rabbit.

Magetan also helped by the potential for small local industry capable of producing handicrafts for souvenirs, such as woven bamboo, leather, craft shoes, and typical food products such as chips and plates melinjo (puli crackers, the crackers of rice).

Sarangan also has a boat rental services and the rickshaw water. There is 51 boat motor and 13 rickshaw water that can be used to explore the lake.

Sarangan has several important annual events calendar, that is anchored on Friday Pon month ritual offering Ruwah, in the mid-year school holidays, Sura Ledug 1 Muharram, and fireworks on New Year's Eve.