Pasar Burung Ngasem Jogja

Filter by tradition prevailing in the future slim, 'm a lonely man and will be called the knight complete filter If he's already had 5 The main aspects dalam hidupnya, the home (home), women (wife), Turangga (horse), suspicious (Keris or weapons), and kukila (Bird peliharaan). That is why basic positioning Bird peliharaan be an important filter for the Java community. Bird Memelihara no edits be klangenan (hobby) only, melainkan an extra prestise own social class filter shows dalam community.

Tradition memelihara Bird and Bird melodious voice filter has the power jual height of only mendorong keberadaan markets Birds. ADA alone in Yogyakarta Bird Market a filter so legendary and already up valuable Abroad, Birds market is known with regular business market Ngasem. So far there are two versions of the history of the early start Ngasem Market. The first version states that the market began to grow by the year Ngasem 1960. Precisely since bird traders from Beringharjo transferred to Ngasem. While the second version mentions that Ngasem Bird Market has been around since two centuries ago. This is reinforced with the photo of 1809 titled “Djogdja Bandung Old” that showed activity in the bird trade Ngasem.

Regardless of the truth of history that has been mentioned above, Ngasem Bird Market has its own place in the community of Yogyakarta. This market became one of the landmarks of the City of Yogyakarta and keberadaanya was legendary. For dozens of years merchants do sell and purchase activity in the area Jeron Beteng. But over City regulation efforts Yogyakarkarta, Yogyakarta city government relocated all the animals in seller Ngasem Bird Market Stock to Argo Jogja (BAJ). On May 22 March 2010, boyongan trader drafted in the form of carnival culture was performed. All merchants animals in Ngasem moved to BAJ Dongkelan.