Pantai Baron Jogja

Baron's, The most popular beaches in Gunungkidul, because this beach is the first beach to be found when visiting the intimate group of sea and land smack, symbol of elegance Gunungkidul beach resort. Coast range Baron, Kukup beach, Along the coast, Sundak Coast beaches lined Krakal and there, visitors will spoil peace of mind hubbub carrier waves.

Baron beach is located in the Village Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, approximately 20 km south of the city Wonosari (40 km from the city of Yogyakarta). Shore who witnessed the meeting between seawater and freshwater, which is the result of the river meets the sea by a corner of baron, as a symbol of two hearts berpadunya though with differences in background.

The travelers will appreciate the charm of delivering wind swishing waves kiss the sand tuk, so patiently waiting for her lover. The results of such a wealth of large shrimp Baron (lobster), white pomfret fish, snapper, cobs are ready to pamper guests, well that is still fresh, or the Fast. As Recommendation, Here is a menu mainstay in Sop Kakap.

A moment passed is very dear Sea Alms ceremony organized by the local fishing communities in the monthly calendar Java suro, as an expression of thanks to God the Almighty on the spillover from the sea which has been.