Pantai Kukup Jogja

Kukup Beach is located in the Village District Tanjungsari Gunungkidul Kemadang Yogyakarta. With a stretch of white sand that is characteristic of the beaches of the southern coast of Java island, Kukup beach presents a view that is so beautiful. Coastal breeze breeze to make the visitors feel comfortable here. Sit relax in a solid coral reefs stand to enjoy the rhythm of the waves pounding heart reconcile.

On the beach Kukup there is a reef that juts into the sea separated from the mainland by a bridge spanning. The road climbed deliberately created as an access to the reef is increasingly pamper its visitors.

Some of the facilities available at the beach Kukup among others : spacious parking, so that the visitors not to park their vehicles confusion. Parking is located at the entrance of a little way from the beach so visitors must walk to reach the sea. At the side of the road into silt beach lined traders offering a variety of special souvenir beach, seafood and some marine biota including decorative fish can be purchased at a reasonable price.

To ensure the safety of visitors, the manager of the SAR fleet preparing to provide aid to the needy at the same time inform the condition of the beach, waves and the arrival of dangerous marine life. Be aware and watch out for the visitors, that sometimes come at this beach jellyfish in coastal areas if the bite will cause poisoning. But do not worry, SAR team will inform the arrival of jellyfish and ready to help if there are visitors who are already exposed to jellyfish. Actually there are effective treatments, namely with the welts spread with rubber abundant shellfish sold there. Then drink black coffee to speed up the neutralization of toxins. So, Do not feel afraid to play the waves on the beach alluvium for still adhere to the regulations presented by the SAR team through your speakers.

For visitors who want to stay overnight at the beach Kukup not have confused. In the area attractions Kukup beach, no lodging COTTAGE TOUR that will cater to the tourists who want to experience the night view at Kukup at affordable prices.

Happy relaxing in Kukup Beach, build sand castles white, feel the tide friendly alluvium or just sit staring at the vast expanse of the ocean while listening to the strains of the orchestra natural beach Kukup.