Pantai Ngobaran Jogja

Ngobaran located in rural districts Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta is an unspoiled beach and very indah.Dari Wonosari is Gunungkidul district is about 35 km to the south.

When the direction of Yogyakarta around 65 miles away to be able to trace the path of Yogyakarta Ngobaran.Bila-Wonosari then when it came to Ivory airfield turn right onto sub Playen,Paliyan. From sub Paliyan continue keselatan towards Trowono PUSIKLAT Army through and through the woods Sodong the way uphill and berkeloko-kelok.Di area Sodong ape animals can still be found hiding in caves in the woods Sodong.

Before entering Trowono will pass the lake as a backup water Namberan Trowono and surrounding communities in particular for livestock drink , bathing and washing pakaian.Masuk Trowono Market directly south through a rather narrow paved road ,meandering through villages Kanigoro Saptosari.Di side of the road met the pipes that supplied drinking water to the public from sources of water entry NGobaran.Sebelum Ngobaran and Ngrenehan intersection where the road when turning left towards Ngrenehan and when turning right onto ,from the top of the hill we could see the vast ocean with waves bergulug-gulung.Dipinggir stretch of beach there is a beautiful rock in which some people find sustenance by picking ruput sea to be sold as an additional penghasilan.Sebagian residents make food stalls and room service .

In the stalls of a resident we can enjoy eating rice with fried fish with fresh vegetables and cabbage and chili tration basil leaves are very delicious and tasty.

Such fleeting beauty of the beach Ngobaran Kanigoro Saptosari Gunungkidul Yogyakarta hopefully could be a reference for people who want to visit Yogyakarta Ngobaran Gunungkidul.