Pantai Ngrenehan Jogja

Many people prefer or berpetualangan Indonesia go to the Foreign Affairs of Indonesia around in our beloved country. Though a lot of nature in Indonesiayang not inferior to natural attractions in the State. One of nature's wealth of Indonesia is the beach because Indonesia is an archipelago.

For kuta beach, sanur, white sand must have been known by many people. But the beach is located in Indonesia many beautiful as the beach but not known by a lot of love among. One of the beaches that have not been recognized by many is Ngrenehan Beach. Ngerenehan Beach lies 25 km from the district Playen Gunungkidul or is about 58 km from Yogyakarta Special Region. Late last month, say amelakukan trip to Jogjakarta and do not forget to make themselves look natural attractions such as the beach and I get information about Ngerenehan Beach.

The road to Ngerenehan Beach is not difficult to reach with only the motorcycle we are able to reach its, it's just that it is quite winding winding road but the road is good and paved. To get in coastal areas just enough to pay our Ngerenehan 2000 silver.

When we arrived at Ngerenehan stretch of white sand beaches and coral reefs are solid with deburan sound waves will be celebrating our.