Alun Alun Kidul Jogja

South Square, or in Indonesian means clearing the south. This field is the back of the Sultan Palace. According to history, kidul square was made to change the atmosphere of the back of the palace became like the front because basically between Mount Merapi, Keraton Yogyakarta and the sea south of the island of Java to form an imaginary line joining the force. In order from the south position Keraton not like back to the southern ocean, then formed the square lor.

Formerly the square kidul part in Yogyakarta Palace, but now with the development of era, square kidul be a place open to the public and used as a tourist attraction typical Jogjakarta. In the afternoon and evening there are many culinary offerings typical pavement. If the day of start a vegetable cake, fruit soup, dawet or cendol traditional drinks and many other options. While when the evening, all change. From the start of roasted corn, wedang round, and angkringan. In addition, many also rent bicycles various types, of the single, tundem, wheel 3 (but that for adult hehehe), mini tricycles, until tricycle 4 which is similar to the steering wheel on the car and all vehicles are equipped with lights that are attached to the frame of the vehicle, looks very interesting creative hehehe..

There is one very unique game. And arguably the game's only serious, namely through the middle of the game 2 banyan tree that is in the middle of the square south. Kono ceritanya, if you could been able to pass through the midst of 2 banyan tree, then the demand is expected to be granted. Depending you react, to believe or just assume a myth ??

To blindfold, You can rent from the rental service provider blinkers. The rental price is relatively cheap, approximately USD 3000 for disposable.