Ramayana Balet Jogja

Ramayana Ballet Purawisata is the place to watch the Ramayana are staged every day without fail since 1976 and has received awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (WALLS).

What kind of results if a series of stories carved on the temple Prambanan visualized and packed into the performing arts? Ramayana ballet recitals ballet which is the answer. The story is taken from the epic work of Valmiki is appointed as captivating performances that combine a variety of elements ranging from the art of dance arts, music, drama, song, until the selection of costumes, make up, pangung layout and lighting of the magnificent performances to be preferred by travelers both domestic and mancanegara.

Ramayana Ballet different show in Prambanan Temple which is only carried out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Ramayana Ballet performance at Purawisata held every day without fail, regardless of the weather or the number of visitors. Currently Performing Purawisata Ramayana has entered the 36th year since it was first held. Fidelity and consistency in the organization of Ramayana Ballet Purawisata Ramayanan every day have earned awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (WALLS).

Ramayana Ballet performances in Purawisata divided into several rounds of the entire story is presented through gestures or dance, without any dialog in any babaknya. Java Gending melodious tunes drifted on soft nan filling the beautiful dancer who moves with graceful body. Sinden heard occasionally hummed songs in the language Java. Stage when the scene changed with the advent of Ravana or Hanuman and the monkey army, gending turned into a smart. The more crowded the stage as the scene of war begins, and performing the more compelling when there is a scene Anoman Obong. After enjoying the show, You can take pictures with the players on stage.

Apart from the Ramayana Ballet presents recitals ballet, in Purawisata Gazebo Garden Restaurant there also can be used as the location of a romantic dinner or a place to celebrate being together with loved ones. Tourists usually buy tickets for the dinner at the Gazebo Garden Restaurant at once to watch the show Ramayana. Not only that, Purawisata also provide a wedding package with a concept that can accommodate a garden party 1500 invited guests.