Taman Sari Yogyakarta

Taman Sari Water Palace is a palace complex which actually consists of several buildings (not all of these buildings are in the water) and its location is still within the palace Ngayogyakarta. In English, better known by the name “Perfume Garden” or “Fragrant Garden”, because a lot of fragrant flowers planted this garden environment. Taman Sari – Yogyakarta is not only the royal family recreation park in those days, but it has many functions among the Camouflage area of ​​enemies, and is a bastion system, it is also a place of meditation for the King, place to make batik made by the mistress, mistress of King and King daughters, military training ground for the royal army, and there's more.

Taman Sari- Yogyakarta was founded in 1758 the idea originally from Prince Mangkubumi (who then called Hamengkubuwono I) and Raden Ronggo Prawirosentiko (Regent Madison) as an architect, while Demang Tegis (Portuguese native who earned his degree from the kingdom) as an expert structure.

There are several elements that influence the architecture of this complex Taman Sari, among others, the influence of Hindu and Buddhist, Java and Islam, China, Portuguese and European style, can be seen in some parts of this building.

Taman Sari – Yogyakarta has two main gates, the Supreme Gapuro (which is at the West) and Gapuro Stage (which is at the East, which is currently(year 2007) used as the main entrance to the site of this complex Taman Sari).

Bentuk pintu gerbang atau ‘Gapuro’nya sangatlah indah yang merupakan gaya asli Jawa, the detail of the original motif Gapuro is stilasi of Java like tendrils of plants, bird, tail and wings of an eagle.